Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

I was randomly looking at pictures of cakes yesterday afternoon and here's what I found

Every single one of these cakes is like a work of art. How do people make something that looks so beautiful (and real) and tastes so good! (I obviously haven't tasted it but the flavours sound superb)
I honestly cannot believe those flowers are made of sugar. And how do people have the heart to cut these cakes when they have to eat them!

Mannequin Dress Form Cake with Roses Sew Fashion

Close-up of Roses Glamour

I've always thought that cooking well is a real talent but this is just something really really special. I'm sure it takes years of practice and experience to create something so unique and I couldn't help putting it up here.

I went through the whole gallery and these pictures are only a small glimpse of what is up there.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

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